MFMDF - Melamine Faced Medium Duty Fibre Board Shelves


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Melamine Faced Medium Density Fibreboard (MFMDF) was made more popular due to the issue of formaldyhyde gas beng released from chpboard substrates. The glues n chipboard have been changed in recent times so less formaldyhyde is released, so unless you are in a special environment such as a museum stores we do not perceive there to be a major benefit in using this more expensive product. If this is what you need for what ever reason please feel frree to specify it.
Shelves can be manufactured in bespoke depths and available in lengths of up to 2800mm per board.
These shelves are available in a range of colours and wood effect patterns

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Please note that minimum quantities may apply.

MFMDF - Melamine Faced Medium Duty Fibre Board Shelves Spur contract wooden shelves - MFC, MDF and MFMDF MFMDFWOOD
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