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Spur Steel-Lok Superior Strength 300mm Shelf Wall Mounted Upright

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SPUR Steel-Lok superior quality 2mm thick steel wall mounted upright 30cm for single level shelving. British made heavy duty steel adjustable shelving uprights for wall mounted domestic, office and industrial applications. Please note these uprights are made to the original Spur design.

Each 300mm upright has 2 fixing holes Slots are 31.75mm pitch.

We are often asked what is the recommended spacing of wall uprights for Spur wall mounted shelving systems. Well for Steel-Lok for which this item is part of the range the information following should help. There are a number of factors in considering the best spacing of the supports firstly we need to consider the material used for the shelf panels. The two main types are steel shelves and MFC or melamine faced chipboard. For steel shelves there is little deflection when loaded and they do not sag over time. For these shelves fixed on a masonry wall it is acceptable to have uprights at 1m centres, with the exception of 470 and 610mm shelves between 750mm wide and 1m wide where we suggest an extra upright and bracket at the centre of the span to help spread the load. With wood based panels including MFC there is more likely to be deflection and sagging can occur over time. We recommend 18mm MFC and for that support brackets at 600mm centres are standard. As we say this is based on a masonry wall with our approved fixings as the shelving is only as strong as the wall it is attached to and the strength of the fixing. On stud walls we suggest that uprights should only be fixed in studs or that the wall is lined with a plywood recommended by your Architect or Structural Engineer. In these situations it may be best practice to reduce the centres to 450mm centres.

Spur   Steel-Lok Superior Strength 300mm Shelf Wall Mounted Upright Spur Shelving strong wall mounted shelving with shelving uprights shelf brackets SLU030SW
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