Spur Rolled Edge Document and Stock Shelving.

Rolled Edge Shelving has flat steel side frames with no protusions and is ideal for high density document management storage. The same features also make this suitable for flat and hanging garmet storage or as pigeon hole racks in insdustrial environments. The system was developed based on the Metalrax system and has options for both bolted or clipped shelves. However it also benefits from the smaller diameter roll on the front edge using the rolling mill previously used to make the Apex system. Shelves are adjustable on a 1 " or 25.4mm and can be made to special lengths. Side frames can be made between 300mm and 2.4m but may be spliced when required
Spur Shelving (305mm 12
305mm Deep Rolled Edge Shelving

305mm Deep Shelf Bays

Spur Rolled Edge

Ideal for Documents

Spur Shelving (400mm 16' deep) Rolled Edge Document Shelving Bays
400mm Deep Rolled Edge Shelving

400mm Deep Shelf Bays

Spur Rolled Edge

Ideal for Garment Hanging

Spur Shelving (500mm 50cm deep) Rolled Edge Shelving Document Bays
500mm Deep Rolled Edge Shelving

500mm Deep Shelf Units

Spur Rolled Edge

Ideal for Manufacturing

Spur Shelving (600mm aprox 2' deep) Rolled Edge Shelving Bays
600mm Deep Rolled Edge Shelving

600mm Deep Shelf Units

Spur Rolled Edge

Ideal for Light Bulk

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Spur Rolled Edge

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